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maintitle is a eco-friendly baby store. We strive to bring you all the best Earth friendly Products. We also bring you the Baby friendly products you both want and need. We bring you our own products and the best products available on the market for your baby.

In an effort to increase efficiency with answering questions from customers, we have implemented a new email address just for your diapers issues. This new email will be dedicated to answering questions and resolving your issues. When writing to this email, please include your Paypal name, Paypal address, brand you ordered and order date. Also please provide a picture of the problem area and this will help us resolve it much quicker. Many times your email address does not match your Paypal address so there is no method to match what you ordered with the issue you have. We hope this helps expedite issues and questions.

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  1. Q- I have a newborn which diaper should I buy? A- Typically the Velcro fits the smaller babies better.
  2. Q- What style is better for a large baby? A- Snaps work best for large babies, but that sometimes is a user preference.
  3. Q- Does the diaper need a cover? A- No, each diaper comes with a waterproof outer cover build into the diapers.
  4. Q- Why should I choose your diaper? A- Our company is a US company.  We offer a 30 day warranty on our SweetDollBaby and a 60 day warranty on our Nubunz Premiums.  When you need customer support we are there to answer your questions. All diapers are assembled here in our sewing shop in the US.
  5. Q- I got my diapers and decided I like (snaps or Velcro) better, can I change it for the other. A- Yes, you can.  Please contact us and we will send you shipping information.  We can exchange any unused diaper for your choice of colors or styles.  Any shipping costs for this kind of exchange will be paid for by the customer.  We can exchange shells only to minimize costs, inserts are common.
  6. Q- Can I choose the colors or styles I want? A- Yes, you choose any color and style combination you wish.
  7. Q- Is your products lead safe? A- Yes, our products are made from eco-friendly dies and materials.  We use Pantone Brand dies for our material. We also spot test each new lot of material with test kits to ensure no lead contamination.
  8. Q- Have these diapers been tested on babies? A- Our son was the guinea pig for this diaper design, so yes they have. We put them on our 4 year old and had her dance and run around like a monkey to test the durability of them.  Through some trials and errors we came up with this diaper. Our Nubunz is a direct result of our trials. Our new revision SweetDollBaby diaper has many improvements that customers have asked for.
  9. Q- Do you have a website? A- Yes. The prices we offer on EBay are a bit more than on our website, this is for additional EBay fees. We do not mark these diapers up a great deal and we keep a profits at a reasonable level during these hard times unlike some other brands.
  10.  Q- Do you sell wholesale? A- Yes, we do.  Please inquire for pricing and information.  We are a new company and we own the both the Nubunz and SweetDollBaby Diaper.  We are trying to get into the market.  You are purchasing from the factory when you buy from us.
  11.  Q- I seen a SweetDollBaby and Nubunz diaper on another site for sale?  Is this yours?  There are already some copycats out there for the SweetDollBaby Diaper. We have been stopping them as we find them.  We currently only sell on EBay and our websites. Also we are changind designs to prevent copies from being made in the future.
  12.  Q- How many diapers do I need for my baby?  Typically you should change your baby at least every two hours.  That could change depending on the situation.  So you will need at minimum 5 to 6 diapers per day.
  13.  Q- Can I only change the insert and not the outer shell? A- I don’t recommend it unless it is an emergency.  You are taking the chance of germs and other problems.  In a pinch you can use a sanitary napkin for an insert to get you home.  Carry a large zip lock baggy in your purse to hold the soiled insert.
  14.  Q- How do I specify snaps or Velcro and colors when I purchase? A- You can specify this on EBay messages or through your PayPal payment.  There is an option to send an email.  This is typically the most popular it seems.
  15. Q- I sent you an email yesterday and have not gotten a reply yet? A- We get lots of email.  We answer each and every question. We will answer you much faster if you contact us through EBay if you are purchasing through EBay. It is so much easier to see and track and there. If you are ordering from our website we promise we will get to the emails. If in doubt you can reach us at This is our store email.

Our anti bunching seam explained.

This is a change in the way we sew the diaper to prevent the inserts from bunching at the top of diaper.  This prevents moisture from being squeezed in this area of the diaper.  When moisture and liquid are trapped in this area, wicking can occur and leak on the top of pants and shirts of your baby.  This is an attempt to “think out of the box” and eliminate this issue.  If you do not like this new ideal of ours, we will happily replace your diapers with another one.  Please inspect these diapers before washing and try it.  Once it is washed and used we cannot accept these diapers back. Thank you again and I hope you love our new ideas.  It has worked great so in our trials and tests. available on green, lavender, and blue and pink.